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Explorers Cookbook and Travel Guide - Pirates Edition
ISBN: 97809743414-4-6
Publisher: Adventure in Discovery
Full color 10" x 10 " Paperback.
108 pages. Paperback Retail
Limited Edition Hardcover Retail

In the Explorers Cookbook and Travel Guide- Pirates Edition, you become an expatriate from your journeys, propelled by the trade winds along the routes once taken by the explorers of old.  Readers will learn facts and folklore concerning the amazing people you will meet along the way, all the while sampling savory recipes coming from these exotic lands.

Pirates like to eat and drink in excess. With the correlating modern day experiences the author has had traveling the same routes these entrepreneurs and first time explorers did, she invites you to visit these destinations. You will have knowledge of the exciting foods most commonly served and will have the recipes at hand as mementos of your visit.  

Explorers Cookbook and Travel Guide- Pirates Edition, is an easy read and will capture the reader with its wealth of information.  Large scale photograghs that please the eyes will have the reader longing to flip the page for more fascinating destinations and entertaining foods.

Life should make you feel full of questions and eager to seek answers. Experiences help make an individual grow. And, on your journey, many amazing treasured memories are gathered to fulfill your life. I hope you will enjoy the many beautiful picturesque places and the delectable food and merriment that you too can experience.
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