Suggested Interview Questions

Who is Yvonne Addario?
Yvonne Addario, is author of Treasure Diving with Captain Dom, and now, my new book. Explorers Cookbook and Travel Guide - Pirates Edition. I am a world traveler, undersea explorer, and part owner of a treasure ship that is still being recovered today, I write about a popular niche of history. My readers always long to hear more of “the golden age of piracy,” from the past to the present.

What is Explorers Cookbook and Travel Guide - Pirates Edition about?
The book is a collection of some of the most popular entertaining recipes of foods from the many travels I have following in the footpaths of the early explores and pirates. From Spain to the Caribbean islands, Central and South America and on up the Florida Straits. I show you the destinations they traveled, advising you what to see and do.

How is this a travel guide?
As you make and taste the recipes in this book, it will invite you to visit destinations explorers and pirates have been. You will have knowledge of the exciting foods most commonly served, and will have the recipes ready at hand as a memento of your visits. The book stimulate your travel interest, as endeavor to learn more about what there is to see and do. There is nothing like the tastes of travel!

What kind of recipes are in this book? Appetizers—hors d’oeuvres, starters, bocas, and tapa recipes—are among the easiest delicacies to create. From pirate’s grog which its the modern day (mojito), to salsa, breads, delectable desserts to main dishes such as Paella made for a crowd. Suggestions for these tasty appetite ticklers are included in each chapter.

What else is inside this book? Over 60 recipes with color photographs of finished dishes and ingredients. Cooking tips. Helpful recipe variations and ingredient substitutions. Conversion charts. Over 25 destinations with large color photographs. Travel tips that will prepare you for what you will see and experience

Why did you write this book?
To educate the reader about fabulous destinations to visit, while entertaining them about the folklore of explorers and pirates of old. I also give the home cook easy and fun recipes to make foods and drinks that relate to the destinations. Stories and recipes come from my following in the footpaths and the wake of these explorers who—from my point of discovery—started in Jupiter, Florida.

Back in 1660, a Spanish aviso vessel (a kind of dispatch or advice boat) met its end along Jupiter, Florida’s east coast. It is called the Jupiter Wreck. I have been recovering treasure coins ever since. I wanted to trace the origins of these coins from their very beginnings of being created in the silver mines of Potosi, Bolivia to their amazing journey on ships sailing to Spain - some never made the trip and rest on the oceans bottom.

Who would by this book?
Individuals with who like to cook and entertain, those who love to travel and the piratical people who simply love the romance of pirates.

Why would someone want to buy this book?
Its unique and refreshing approach to discussing what we all enjoy -eating, and the longing to travel to beautiful and exciting places. It makes the epic age of discovery an enjoyable read to most everyone, by relating to their diet. - to eat, drink and be merry. Argh!

Where can a person purchase one of these books?
You can go to: Barnes and Noble and Borders book stores.
Or, go online to: Explorers Cookbook and Travel Guide .com
Ask for it at independent book stores, and Novelty Gift Shops.
Paper back sells for $24.95 and the limited edition hardcover is just $34.95